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Alien Oceans: The Search for Life in the Depths of Space by Kevin Peter Hand

Summary: Where is the best place to find life beyond Earth? We often look to Mars as the most promising site in our solar system, but recent scientific missions have revealed that some of the most habitable real estate may actually lie farther away. Beneath the frozen crusts of several of the small, ice-covered moons of Jupiter and Saturn lurk vast oceans that may have been in existence for as long as Earth, and together may contain more than fifty times its total volume of liquid water. Could there be organisms living in their depths? Alien Oceans reveals the science behind the thrilling quest to find out.

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My Personal Review: This author does a great job of dumbing down the science EVEN thought it was still super far over my head. I appreciate the effort. The first half of this book was really interesting but as it went on, I started to get a bit too lost in the information. I’d recommend this for anyone interested in space but expect it’s over most peoples head.