About Me

About Me

Renee McIntire

About Greenhaven Mercantile

Greenhaven is a secondhand clothing store for Women's clothing & accessories. Inventory is sourced in a variety of ways but the primary source is through consignment. I consign gently worn clothing from women in the DFW area. Each item is inspected by me for stains, holes, etc. With that, comes some human error. Sometimes I do overlook flaws and in those cases, I do honor refunds. Secondhand shopping does come with some element of risk but at the end of the day - it is totally worth it to help keep clothes in orbit for as long as possible and out of land fills. 

About Renee

Secondhand fashion has always been a passion for me, just not in the way I think of it now.

Growing up, my mom and dad would take me and my brothers to thrift stores and garage sales. We loved to go to flea markets and auctions on the weekends. Buying secondhand was about the thrill of the hunt and finding unique items. I loved showing up to school in a vintage outfit or having a top no one else would be able to go straight to the store and purchase. 

As I got older and had less time to thrift, I realized how much I was buying new and essentially wearing only one or two times. If I needed new work clothes, I would just go to a store and buy something because it was on sale. I wasn't putting thought in to what I was buying. This lead to years of waste. Now the "hunt" for me is also about taking a stand for sustainability and keeping as many clothes as possible out of landfills. You don’t have to sacrifice style or quality.

I created this website for women that don't have a lot of time to thrift shop or don't have the money to shop at stores like Eileen Fisher that are taking some great steps towards sustainability. You can shop your size, favorite brands and even "try before you buy" if you're not sure about fit or want to see the quality before you commit. 

Let me help you refresh your style - while creating less waste!

Thank you for supporting my small business! 

- Renee M.