Consignment - Currently Accepting

I am currently taking clients that are interested in selling their clothes on consignment. I take a 40% sellers fee.

  • Local pickup available
  • I prep, price, list and store your items for sale on various online platforms
  • You can request back any unsold items after 90 days

See Consignment Agreement

Contact me if you’re interested:

Donations - Currently Accepting

I am currently accepting donations. When you donate to Greenhaven, you waive all rights to the items. I typically am expecting items with small flaws that can be mended to extend the items life cycle vs it ending up in a landfill. This is a great way to support a small, local business.  

  • Local pickup available
  • I retain the rights to alter, sell, or donate to a charity

Contact me for further details:


  • Exceptions to the service area can definitely be made for consignment opportunities, please contact me for a request. 
  • Service area is strict for next-day delivery of purchases from the website or FLY BOX.